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Why We Don't Sell Eyewear Online

Prescription eyewear is classified as a prosthetic device, and as such, should be properly fitted to each person. The Spectacle Shoppe, Inc. believes to make a proper choice in the selection of eyewear it is necessary to try them on. Also, it is necessary to be under the assistance of a qualified optician for proper measurements and fittings. When measuring for a lined or no-lined progressive bifocal/trifocal lens it is necessary to account for posture habits of the wearer as well as the unwanted parallax involved between the patient and the professional. An online camera just can't do a real good job accounting for posture or parallax.

The selection of the frame size is influenced by fashion as well as the pupillary distance (PD, distance between one's eyes) and its relationship to the prescription whether by power and/or the lens type. A picture of a frame doesn't interpret its true size, nor can a picture tell how it's going to fit a face. Usually, a picture is worth a thousand words in this case how it feels must be worth a million. Therefore, we do not sell on line.

The goal of this web site is to allow for a better understanding of who we are and share information about some of the products and services we offer. 


Kent and Roxie
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